Turning 48,000 square feet of a historic, brick-and-timber building into a cutting-edge, LEED Silver-certified tech headquarters is no mean feat. That’s why Adobe called on NOVO to lead the effort.

The new space exhibits the latest in sustainable building techniques, in addition to boasting state-of-the-art office technology and amenities.

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Air BnB

With unique structural and sustainability challenges to consider, Airbnb’s 169,000 square foot San Francisco office represents NOVO’s ability to rise to the occasion.

Today, the LEED Gold-certified office features an open workspace under a domed skylight, a full-service kitchen, and the top-quality details clients have come to expect from NOVO.

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Foundation Capital

When you’re a Silicon Valley investment firm, you’re going to build a space that’s impressive and innovative, yet accessible. That’s exactly what NOVO delivered for Foundation Capital’s LEED Gold-certified Menlo Park location.

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Zero Net Energy Center

When it comes to state-of-the-art energy efficiency, the Net Zero Energy Center sets the standard. NOVO flexed its sustainable building expertise in the construction of this 45,000 square-foot, Net Zero-certified training facility, one of just eight Net Zero buildings in the U.S.

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