How We Do It


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is both a tool and an innovative project delivery process. It captures the intricate details of the construction process and forecasts them into a 3-D space that brings the project to life for both the client and design teams. BIM provides NOVO with the tools for a complete and fully-coordinated drawings set.

BIM Image

SMART Board Collaboration

NOVO uses SMART Board to revise plans directly in digital ink so that the entire team can instantly see project changes and updates. The use of SMART Board in planning sessions allows for better brainstorming, and its software interacts with our 3-D CAD and BIM files.

Its flexibility means we can engage with participants in multiple locations, whether on-site or in our partner offices. With SMART Board, NOVO’s team is united in project goals and always up-to-date on details, whether in the office, in the field, or on the go.

NOVO and SMART Board


Sentinel is NOVO’s web-based, proprietary project management system that has been rolled out company-wide.

With this technology, our teams are completely in-synch, and are able to correspond with our teams and clients in real time. The platform is accessible from any device, meaning project groups have always-on access.

Sentinel is developed and maintained in-house, so that it is fully tailored to NOVO’s needs based on the company’s 15 years of industry and client experience.

PlanGrid Image


With Plangrid’s mobile technology, NOVO team members can synchronize markups, plans, and other project documents from the field via an iPad.